Branding Projects

A small showcase of some notable volunteer and commissioned graphic design projects done throughout my career.

Sermon Series Branding

Vineyard Community Church has been my home church for over a decade, and I've contributed to many projects where they have needed creative work done. The following are some of the sermon series branding which here displayed in advertising campaigns, on social media and within the digital materials during the sermons.

Shank Logo

Shank was such a fun app to put together - it needed an equally fun logo. I took the screaming goat metaphor into a bit more of a whimsical angle. I remember seeing a great video of an ibex spitting at a man that was yelling at it, and I imagined this kind of grin when I was designing the logo. It still makes me giggle every time I see it.

Miscellaneous Projects

A few logos and various print projects. Though the vast majority of my time is spent in digital product design, I do enjoy hopping into Photoshop or Indesign now and again and flexing the old blending mode muscle. I wouldn't exactly label graphic design as my strongest suit, but I'm just dangerous enough to get by.