Shank is a prank app designed to make your buddy miss his/her swing on the golf course, and catch them in the act!

Project deliverables


Shank was one of the many fun projects we did on the side between milestones at gottaGolf. The founder, Clint, was subscribed to a feed that would regular post people missing their shots on the golf course, otherwise known as "shanking". As we were brainstorming small side features, the idea of something that allowed you to prank a fellow golfer into hacking and missing their swing came up. We rolled with it and eventually it evolved into Shank.


Typically, golfers would just yell "Baba Booey!" or something similar to rile up a buddy on the course. While that is all and well, we knew there was a way to leverage software and hardware to make the process fun and more seamless.


The vision of what the app would accomplish is catching a golfer fumbling their shot on video. We decided that the loud audible cue was going to still be the strong way to make someone shank, so that was decided on as the "prank". We listened to a lot of loud sounds, yells, crashes, etc - but ultimately I remembered a great commercial I saw with a screaming goat. I found the sound clip, and it was an instant winner - a loud, screaming goat. The basic functionality of the app would be to record a video like you would any other day, but have access to the screaming goat sound bite at any point during play. Usage of the app would be simple: open, record, hit the shank button when someone goes to swing, profit!

Mobile app

We kept the mobile app as simple as possible. We used some of the gottaGolf app design assets to speed along development, and made it so that you only really had 3 main screens: recording a shank, viewing past videos and sharing a video. I designed onboarding that included a video of the app being used, as well as a proper "how to use" screen.

App Store screenshots

I wanted us to have some cool, instructional slides for the App Store preview and for our website, but I am not a strong illustrator. I had a great idea of what I wanted to accomplish, so we commissioned an artist to turn our storyboards into beautiful, fun illustrations that communicated the lighthearted spirit of the app. I designed the copy and layout to go on top of the finished cartoons. We were thrilled with the end result and they made a perfect companion piece to the presentation.